Hello Archangels!

While we hope that you’re enjoying the dog days of summer, things have been ramping up at the Archangel HQ. With so much going on we figured it was high time we share an in-depth update about what’s happening in each part of the Archangel Universe.


Because I’m really obsessed with the concept of tribe-building and supporting the growth and missions of visionary entrepreneurs by creating community.

(Currently reading the book Monster Loyalty about how Lady Gaga turns followers into fanatics – it’s so good…)

Over the past 5 years at Archangel we’ve built a tribe of thousands of entrepreneurs (like you) who want to do well by doing good.

The byproduct of this journey has become an incredible support structure where entrepreneurs at different levels of growth can not only help the entrepreneurs beside them on the journey, but also support the entrepreneurs behind them on the entrepreneurial path.

I believe that it’s our responsibility to support each other, and the more we grow, the more responsible we become to assist others on the same path.



We call this The Archangel Journey within The Archangel Universe.

Whether you’re thinking about starting a new business, or currently run a multi-million dollar organization, we want to help you scale and grow your mission while connecting to others who want to do the same.

And – the further down the path you go, the more responsibility you have to help others behind you on the path to get to where you are.

My dream was to build a real-life X-Men or Avengers – a team of superhero entrepreneurs with missions to change the world.

Here’s a quick rundown of the different milestones in the Archangel Universe…



Archangel Summit is an annual gathering of leaders and teams who want to harness the power of their gifts to change the world by building mission-driven businesses. It’s our annual family reunion where Archangels of every kind come together with and bring their teams to encourage a continual process of transformation and growth. 

Summit is about discovering a new path, a new journey, a new paradigm – providing hope, opportunity, and direction to help you either build a business by sharing your superpowers and unique gifts, launch your mission, or optimize the organization you’re already a part of. 

This year’s Archangel Summit is happening Saturday, September 8th in Toronto. Plus we have a very special BONUS day called…

The Archangel Academy LIVE

For the first time ever, in conjunction with The Archangel Summit, we’re running a full day filled with seminars and workshops lead by the Archangel experts in our Masters group on Friday, September 7th.

This exclusive day will be filled with intensive 75 minute workshops where you will get the chance to engage one-on-one with industry leaders. The are going help you improve your business with super tactical and actionable steps to overcome obstacles, optimize performance, and achieve whatever goal you’re focused on right now.

PS > The Archangel Academy Live is available only to VIP ticket holders. If you would like to take part in the Archangel Academy Live, you can either purchase your ticket here or email us to upgrade. And don’t forget to take advantage of our special summer pricing! That offer ends, August 8th. 



Archangel Academy is an online coaching and education platform for entrepreneurs in the growth phase of their business with annual revenues up to $1M. 

If you’ve ever seen an X-Men movie, Archangel Academy is our version of  Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. A program designed for anyone who has a mission-driven business or is working in a leadership role within their organization who wants to learn action oriented strategies and frameworks for rapid improvement. 

And just like in The X-Men, our ‘professors’ are members of our Archangel Masters group – world class experts in various self-development and business-development niches .

These world-class experts host monthly MasterLabs(TM) – live training classes focused on tactical wisdom that you can implement immediately – from mindset to lead generation to relationship building to team building – all of the wisdom you need to ensure you succeed on your mission.

If you’re a dreamer ready to start your business, or an established entrepreneur hitting your limits and ready to scale, Archangel Academy will help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

The official launch of Archangel Academy will be in the fall, but we’ve opened the doors for beta members to join today.

To learn more about The Archangel Academy and or to reserve your spot as a student and take advantage of early bird annual pricing, visit: https://students.archangelacademy.com/



Archangel Masters program designed to provide mission-driven entrepreneurs leading companies with annual revenues over $1 Million with the community of peers they need for exponential growth.

In order to scale, make an impact, and change the world, we all know that you need the right seats on the bus. The Archangel Masters provides members with the tribe they need and peer-to-peer support that comes along with it to really excel in their missions and achieve their goals. 

Masters are our X-Men. The support our Academy students by teaching in the Academy and we, in turn, support them with direct mentorship and guidance from the Council and access to the greater Archangel tribe.

If you’re not quite at this level yet, do not worry. The Archangel Academy is designed to get you there. 

Members of The Archangel Masters receive an exclusive ticket to our 3 Day Archangel Masters Annual Event in San Diego, two Angel Section tickets to The Archangel Summit, access to our private Masters online group, monthly connection calls, and a copy of The Archangel Blue Book, our top secret community rolodex.

You can apply to be an Archangel Master at www.archangelmasters.com


And finally, I’d like to introduce The Archangel Council  (our version of The Jedi Council).

A carefully selected group of industry innovators, subject matter experts, and thought leaders. They are the highest echelons of their respective fields and we partner with them to offer support, mentorship, and knowledge sharing to help Archangels in all levels of our community. 

Our acting Council Members are…

Angela Lauria – Book Publishing
Chris Winfield – Publicity and Media Relations
Alex Charfen – Team Building and Scaling
Pam Prior – Finance, Cashflow and Tax
Nicholas Kusmich – Facebook Advertising
Brad Martineau – Marketing Automation and Client Journey Experiences
Michael and Amy Port – Speaking and Performance
Greg Smith – Online Learning and Courses
We maintain a strict level of niche exclusivity when it comes to our Council members, meaning that there is only one council member for each area of expertise. 

Membership is by invitation only. 



And that, my friends, is a birds-eye view of The Archangel Universe.

As you can see we have A LOT going on as we ramp up for this year’s Summit and get ready to publicly launch our brand new Academy program. 

I hope this email has helped give you a better idea of how the whole ecosystem fits together 
to make a cohesive tribe for mission-driven leaders no matter where you’re at in business and in life.

It’s designed to take you from where you are (regardless of where that might be at the moment) to where you want to go. 

If you see something above that you want to get involved in, please be sure to reach out to us! 

Or you can…

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Summer and I will see you soon!

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